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Practical Decentralized Cloud Hosting Service

Easy interfaces consist of either a native Javascript client interface for users who prefer website interfaces over command line interfaces, or a C++ client for advanced users.

Crosschain Integrations bridge blockchain protocols together, standardizing user experience across multiple blockchains.

Decentralized download allow Downloaders to browse freely without performing transactions. This is how the current internet works.

Choose Files to Upload

Archon Cloud delivers any type of static files with support for video, audio, images, and scripts

Automatically Encode and Shard files

Using Archon's Hololytic Encoding, files are more reliable and distributable than ever before

Transmit Datashards to Storage Miners

Archon's Blockchain Layer coordinates and incentivizes storage miners

Use Cases

  • Real Time Decentralized Web Browsing

    Javascript Implementation to directly view decentralized assets in the browser without requiring any installation. No plugins, addons, or apps required. Demo

  • Secure Big Data Archives

    Resilient archival designed for a trustless byzantine fault tolerance environment using innovations in erasure encoding capable of storing big data for long periods of time.

  • Cross-chain File System

    Blockchain agnostic integration across multiple blockchain protocols to serve as a native file storage system, as well as a unified decentralized storage solution.

  • Low Latency Download

    Decentralized exchanges and decentralized games benefit from low latency in data access while preserving decentralization of the data.

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    Simple deployment

    No need to manage your own servers - Upload with a few clicks, and our system will automate the rest

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    Mobile friendly

    Have the confidence of building data heavy dapps that work in both desktop and mobile devices

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    Unleash the power of Edge Servers

    Edge miners enable faster content distribution

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Archon Cloud invites you to enter a new age of decentralized storage

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Archon's completed and future technical milestones

  • 2019 Feb 7

    Upload Beta Testnet (Private)

  • 2019 Feb 14

    Download Beta Testnet (Private)

  • 2019 Mar 31

    Beta Network + First Public Chain Integration (NEO)

  • 2020 Spring

    Testnet Launch

  • 2020 Fall

    Mainnet Launch


Sam Kazemian

Co-Founder and President, Everipedia

Archon's tech is not only innovative, but it really leverages blockchain technology to create something better and revolutionary in the cloud storage space. I'm extremely excited to see what they'll be doing in the near future.

Archon Publications

Learn more about decentralization, the people, and projects enabling decentralization

Samuel Suh, JD

Chief Executive

Sam is the CEO and legal coordinator for Archon. He has a background in coding, marketing, and law. He runs several active communities both online and offline, organizing meetups, hackathons, and blockchain conferences.

Kevin Truong

Chief Technology

Kevin is the CTO of Archon. He was the founding engineer at Diffbot, a big-data company focused on crawling and reorganizing the entire internet where he built architecture for internet-scale systems.. He holds a computer science degree from Stanford University.

Eric Wang

Chief Science

Eric is the CSO and Head of Business Development at Archon. Prior to Archon, Eric was a partner at Bica Capital, a blockchain investment fund among the earliest investors in projects such as VeChain and QTUM. Eric left his PhD program at Stanford to join Archon, and has a MS from Stanford and a BS from UCLA.

Darion Lee

Chief Operations

Darion is the COO at Archon, leading operations and finance. He previously worked at Deutsche Bank’s Technology Investment Banking Group and co-founded Taureon Capital where he led multiple seed stage investments in blockchain projects. He holds a deree in Business Economics from UCLA.

William Liu


Will currently handles business operations and product at Archon. He has prior experience with business development accelerators, venture capital, corporate innovation, and startups of various stages and scale. He holds a degree in Business Administration from USC.

George Carder


George is a software engineer at Archon, leading devops architecture, blockchain integration development, and web assembly. He has received his MS in Mathematics from Portland State University and has developed browser-based Monero mining software in the past.

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