Archon cloud

decentralized file storage and delivery
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what we do

we enable secure and fast decentralized files


75% Data Byzantine Fault Tolerant
50% Transaction Byzantine Fault Tolerant


Capable of decoding from millions of shards, as opposed to a few hundred.


More data shards = More security, more potential speed, and more reliability and availability of data.

Archon creates a new protocol for how files are kept on the internet.

who will use archon?

our technology can improve both

decentralized systems

Natively decentralized, the proprietary encoding algorithm allows for true decentralization of encoded data shards across a network of millions of nodes and designed from the beginning to be Byzantine Fault Tolerant.

centralized systems

Archon Enterprise is a set of proprietary tools developed to improve the security and speed of centralized back-end systems, such that of any traditional enterprise storage solution or content delivery network.

the archon team

roles and qualifications

Kevin Truong

CEO and Technology

Kevin is the visionary behind Archon’s core technology. He has been developing Archon’s proprietary algorithm over the past 7 months. Kevin is the founding engineer of Diffbot (Series A $10M, 20+ employees), where he created architecture that handles big data at the scale of the entire internet (billions of web pages, hundreds of millions of images). Kevin graduated from Stanford 2014 with a BS in Computer Science.

Eric Wang

Operations and Finance

Eric has helped grow Archon from an algorithm to a fleshed out proposition for the new decentralized internet for the past four months. Eric graduated from Stanford with a MS in Chemistry, leaving his PhD program to make Archon a reality. He is also a partner at a Chinese blockchain fund, Cipher Epoch Capital (币咖资本), which was seed investors in projects such as VeChain and QTUM.

Samuel Suh, JD

Marketing and Legal

Sam is a bar admitted attorney, developer, and marketing consultant. Prior to joining Archon, Sam worked as the marketing lead at Bodhi, a decentralized blockchain-based prediction market. His first bitcoin payment was in 2014, and he has been a blockchain consultant since 2016. Sam is a speaker at blockchain conferences and hosts blockchain events primarily in the SF Bay Area. Sam holds a JD from the Pace University School of Law and a Bachelor’s degree in business management and marketing from Northeastern University.